Data Management

Solutions in telemetry, data reception, quality control, analysis, and reporting for any and all environmental data.

Network Design

Our team of experts will work with you side by side to design an efficient and scalable network taking into account economic and accuracy requirements.

Equipment Integration

Regardless of the existing design, we will work with you to upgrade and integrate new technologies into existing designs to help improve your data collection process.


Independence is at the heart of our operations. We will provide training to teach you how to maintain and operate your own network independently.

  • ETAPA Data Management

    Implementation and training for ETAPA’s hydrological & meteorological monitoring network in Cuenca, Ecuador using DataSight.

  • Ecological Flow Reporting

    Consultation for Panamanian hydro-power companies to comply with government required ecological flow rates and water quality.

  • Real Time Non-Contact Flow

    The first RQ30 non-contact discharge radar installed by ETESA in Panama for real-time flow monitoring sent via GOES to their data center.

  • New Snow Technologies

    3 year trial of new snow water equivalent and liquid water content monitoring equipment at the Central Sierra Snow Lab in Soda Springs, CA

Some of Our Projects

Time in the field with our clients is the most important. We will go out and work with you to analyze and test new technologies, understand your needs, and support your project from design to operation. Here are some of our recent projects.

Our Partners

Through our range of partners and team of experts in hydrology, meteorology, telemetry, data acquisition, system integration, and design, Unearth is able to find you the solution that best fits your need.

Innovative Hydrology

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