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Independence is at the heart of our operations. We will provide training to teach you how to maintain and operate your own network independently.

Equipment Integration

Regardless of the existing design, we will work with you to upgrade and integrate new technologies into existing designs to help improve your data collection process.

Network Design

Our team of experts will work with you side by side to design an efficient and scalable network taking into account economic and accuracy requirements.

Data Management

Solutions in telemetry, data reception, quality control, analysis, and reporting for any and all environmental data.

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Feasibility Studies

Before investing in a new network or system, we can offer feasibility studies to help direct the best way to implement the design.

Data Integration

Streamline data into a single database and simplify the back end-data collection process

Flood Warning

Study and design of early flood warning systems

Automated Reporting

Inbuilt reporting features and Report Builder allow you to create your report just the way you need.

Our Portfolio

Some of Our Works

  • ETAPA Data Management

    Implementation and training for ETAPA’s hydrological & meteorological monitoring network in Cuenca, Ecuador using DataSight.

  • GOES DRGS Repair & Data Collection System Update

    After identifying the failed demodulator, Unearth and Innovative Hydrology teamed up to get the demodulator repaired, connected, and upgrade the client to DCS Azul with LRGS to directly decode the data from the GOES Direct Readout Ground Station (DRGS). As part of our services, we purchase a new rack mount server where we installed and…

  • Enel Fortuna

    Web visualization for operations of hydro-power reservoir. Custom reporting for lake level alarms.

  • Chinalco

    Water flow, water quality, rating curves, biological & meteorological data management upgrade and on-site training.

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Unearth believes that clients should be able to achieve independence. We are investing in teaching and training our clients how to maintain and manage their equipment and network.

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