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In May of 2016 Unearth inplemented DataSight for a mining company in Colombia collecting meteorologica, hydrological, air-quality and water quality data. The mining company was about to go live with real-time airquality stations and knew that soon they would be bombarded with more data than they could process. So they decided to invest in DataSight to stay ahead of the curve. The mining company also runs its own lab where they test and process their own water quality data as well as recieve data from 3rd party labratories to quality check their results. We worked DataSight to recieve the lab data for quality control for over 60 water quality variables in multiple units and maintaining the important “<” sign.

By implementing DataSight, the mining company is now able to overlay their meteorological data with air quality data in polution plots. They are also able to overlay their hydrological data with near by meteorological data and water quality results to see the effect of precipitaion, runoff and water quality spikes.

The client has been working autonomosly and happily since the training. They have been developing their own automated import routines, graphs, reporting processes, and configuration to the other systems in their data management and decision making process.