Who we are

In our earth there is a wealth of information. We are trying to monitor everything from our water balance to our energy balance, and the effect it has on our world. The data that resides in our earth is valuable, and visualizing it is crucial to help us make the best decisions for floods, droughts, and environmental changes. All the data, from a raindrop or a sun ray to the number of fish and types of algae in the stream, are indicators of something bigger.
We offer design, instrumentation and software for hydrological and meteorological networks. Whatever environmental data you are collecting or need to collect, we can help you manage that data with more efficient equipment, telemetry and software.

Our philosophy
Information is just bits of data. Knowledge is putting them together. Wisdom is transcending them.
— Ram Dass
Goals & values
  1. Client Satisfaction.

  2. Communication.

  3. Innovative Thinking.

  4. Resourcefulness.

  5. Improving Situations.

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